Wild Calendar/Products

Wild Calendar/Products
Ramps: late March-early June 
Morels: March-August 
Blonde Morels: late March-early May 
Stinging Nettles: March-May 
Western Fiddleheads: early March-mid-June 
Eastern Fiddleheads: early April-mid June 
Miners Lettuce: mid March-mid May 
Watercress: mid March-mid May 
Red Clover: April-May 
Ramp Bulbs: May-late June 
Hedgehogs: April 

Black Trumpets: April
Yellowfoots: April 
Garlic Whistles: May-early July 

Aussie Perigords: late June-August 
Italian Summer Truffles: late May-early Sept. 
Morels: May-August
Claude, Betty Sue, and Kate attending the ACF Chef's Convention in Orlando, FL 2015
Ramp bulbs: May-late June 
Ramps: May-June 
Porcini: mid May-July 
Chanterelles: May-late January 
Lobsters: July-early Nov. 
Huckleberries: August 
Seabeans: June-Nov.
Garlic Scrapes-July

Chanterelles: Sept-late Jan.
Matsutakes: Sept-Jan.
Lobsters: Sept-early Nov. 
Porcini: Oct-Nov. 
Seabeans: Sept-Nov. 
Italian Alba White Truffles: Oct-Dec. 
Burgundy Truffles: Sept-Nov.
Bears tooth: Oct. 
Huckleberries: Sept-Nov. 
Cauliflower: Oct.-Feb. 

Hedgehogs: Nov.-April
Matsutakes: Sept.-Jan. 
Black Trumpets: Nov.-April
Yellowfoots: Nov.-April 
Chanterelles Nov.-late January 
Matsutakes: Sept.-Jan.
Porcini: Nov.-early January; late Feb-March
Italian Black Winter Truffles: Nov.-March 
Domestic Black Truffles: Nov-March 
Domestic White Truffles: Nov-Feb. 
Cauliflower: Oct-February

Fresh Available Year-Round: 
Wasabi Root 
Squash Blossoms 
Heart of Palm 
Brown Beech 
White Beech 
Royale Trumpets 
Velvet Pioppini 
Nebrodini Bianco 
Bluefoot Pom poms Abalone (elf) Corn smut 

Piedmontese Beef
Boston caught seafood 

Dried Mushrooms: 
  • Black Trumpets 
  • Chantrelles 
  • Matsutake 
  • Lobster Morels 
  • #1 Porcini A's
  • Porcini B's 
  • Morels #2 
  • Oyster 
  • Woodear 
  • Sliced Woodear 
  • Shitake 
  • 10 (Var) Wild Blend B and 5 (Var) Wild Blend B

Dried Misc. Products:
Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, or Tahitian Vanilla Beans 
Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Extract
Minus 8 Vinegars 
Michigan dried Blueberries and Cherries
Iranian Saffron, Spanish Saffron
Yuzu Juice 
Black Truffle and Mushroom Sauce 
White/Black truffle Oil
Black Whole Truffles (Winter and Summer)
Black Carpaccio Truffles (Winter and sUmmer)
Canned Black/White truffle paste 
Busch Dreams Rubs Raw
Marcona Almonds

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